Volunteers are the engine that helps TEARS Foundation keep accomplishing its mission

Candice Mama

TEARS Ambassador

Candice Mama started her work in forgiveness, reconciliation and trauma after her story of forgiving apartheid assassin and her father’s murderer, Eugene De Kock, made international news. Having been inundated with requests to show people how she did it, she became a professional speaker.

Candive have always had tremendous passion for giving a voice to the voiceless and assisting in eradicating the abuse of women and children. TEARS perfectly combines the two which is why she is proud to be an ambassador for this incredible organisation

Chloe Heylen(24) – Sandton

Studying – Masters in Research Psychology

I love working in research because of the difference it makes on a large scale. The impact of researching the plight of children within South Africa regarding child sex abuse is huge and could change many tiny lives. Working at TEARS means I work with other people who are just as passionate about saving the tiny humans. There is nothing more worthwhile than knowing the work we do will take children out of bad situations and change their world.

Gillian Chen (24)

Studying Psychology

Volunteering at TEARS is helping me to gain experience in my industry of choice, and through helping victims of rape and abuse, I make a difference, even if it is just in a small way, I touch a life daily, giving them hope!

Thahira Van Rooyen(18)

Studying LLB Law – Bachelor Law Degree

To gain the experience I need to become an advocate and to enforce the rights women and children were given but not practiced. To create a new field for women to succeed in and to uplift women and children to stop the abuse as well as the rape happening in the country. To restore women’s dignity and pride to walk the streets of South Africa without any fear. I want to help children and women to acknowledge their rights and enforce them to bring about change. TEARS Foundation is a beautify organization with a meaning that goes far beyond what is understood. Volunteering at TEARS Foundation gives me the opportunity to help others who have forgotten their right or someone who has infringed on their right to gain their confidence again and to start believing that there is help and hope in South Africa. To help those who know nothing about TEARS Foundation and that there is someone who will help them when being a victim, to give them the acknowledgment to be able to identify what is being done to them is wrong and to stand up to get help and the support that they deserve. I want to be able to give back what was taken from women and children in believing that they are incapable of success and living the life that they know they deserve. For women to acknowledge the strength that they have always had but forgotten because of the norm of women not being able to succeed to the highest degree as a man has.

Lungiswa Dlali (22)

Studying – Honours in Psychology

I decided to volunteer at TEARS because of the experience I was going to receive. At first I thought I was going to work directly with children, that’s what drew my attention. When I found out that its a diverse organisation that works with young, old, female, male, abused and abuser, I was kind of scared as I thought I was not going to be able to handle the pressure, however with the training I received, I became very confident. Helping people is a passion that I share with the TEARS Team!

Emillia Madimutse


I believe that I am at TEARS To help people around the world. It is my passion to give my best and to take care of those around me. TEARS is a good platform for me to help those around me.